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Autoimmune Disease

Symptoms like fatigue, muscle aches, swelling, brain fog, achy joints and redness could be signs of autoimmune disease. Symptoms may come and go over time.


Have you tried it all, and can’t lose weight, no matter what you eat?


Diabetes is a chronic disease, but isn’t a life sentence.

Dr West Can Help. We Will Show You:

How to gain optimal body performance with practice and accountability to address them.

Get answers through advanced functional lab test that reveal the causes promoting disease and keeping you from living your ideal life.

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Find out how much exercise, what type of food and what diseases you are prone to and how to prevent them.


After going through eight weeks of physical therapy at a rehab center for my lower back, it became more clear to me that I needed to get more than one area of my body realigned. Dr. West customized a program for my particular needs. She chose supplements, defined the fitness training, scheduled chiropractic adjustments & massage based on that. 8 weeks later my LDL cholesterol had dropped 53 points, triglycerides dropped 100 points. I lost 5lbs & 3 inches off my waist. My D3 & glucose levels improved.  Structurally I was more aligned & had more strength in my core & legs.

I’ve recommended Dr. Jami to friends & wish some other family & friends lived close enough to participate.

-Kathy B.


After two years of family health issues causing stress overload I found myself diagnosed with chronic fatigue, adrenal burnout, and very high EBV viral count.   All of which affected my thyroid, blood pressure, cholesterol, hormones, and immune system.

I would not have been able to do what was necessary to regain my health and life back without the tools, support, encouragement and knowledge Dr. West and her staff provided me.   Along with all the supplements great recipes and amazing massages.  I felt like I had my own personal team supporting me.

Dr. West, and her staff have been and continue to be a real blessing in my life.

-Anna Sykes

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Fact: If you want more out of life, you need to be ready to commit more and invest more into staying healthy, moving better, eating better, thinking better and sleeping better!

While there have been innumerable diet plans and exercise programs sprouting like mushrooms nowadays — all claiming to provide the fastest results – we all know the basic equation to staying healthy is a multi-dimensional approach that includes all aspects of health.