About Dr. Jami West

Dr. Jami West is a functional nutrition expert, doctor of chiropractic, and holds numerous certifications in functional medicine, neurology, and nutrition.

Dr. West began practice in 2011 in Tulsa, Oklahoma and was the first chiropractic intern at the prestigious Cancer Treatment Centers of America. She currently runs a private practice in Gainesville, Texas.

She has created Drjamiwest.com to teach those around the world with health challenges natural medicine, healthy recipes, and how to change the status of their health so they can be on the road to their most abundant life possible.

Dr. West specializes in helping those with Type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and autoimmune disease get their lives back through looking at the root cause of their disease and at their genetic makeup, then designs a customized plan to help them flourish.

Dr. West recently published her first book, God Intended Your Family to be Healthy and was nominated as the 2018 8 Weeks to Wellness doctor of the year.